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Feb. 3, 2022

What to Expect From the Road Forward

What to Expect From the Road Forward
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The trucking industry is changing. Don’t think you have to navigate these changes alone. We’re bringing together industry leaders like you so we can travel together.

For some reason, in an industry that relies on interconnected highways, leaders have to travel alone.

Industry leaders & business owners who’ve seen trends come & go, all the while building lasting businesses that keep America running. They care deeply about the people that run their fleets & their impact on the backbone of the American economy.

They want to prepare for the road ahead & share their knowledge from their own journey. They don’t want to travel alone.

Join uson The Road Forward.


WEBVTT 1 00:00:04.040 --> 00:00:08.669 You're a trucking industry vet. You're hard working, honest approach has seen you 2 00:00:08.830 --> 00:00:14.390 through your share of tough times, whether it's been managing safety protocols, rolling 3 00:00:14.429 --> 00:00:19.390 out technology for your fleet or finding ways to stay profitable. Your toughness has 4 00:00:19.429 --> 00:00:22.980 seen you through it all. You know there's promise around the next bend and 5 00:00:23.140 --> 00:00:28.019 exciting future for the trucking industry and a chance for your company to thrive, 6 00:00:28.620 --> 00:00:33.100 but it's a tough road to travel alone. Join US on a weekly podcast 7 00:00:33.100 --> 00:00:37.609 journey as we sit with the business leaders finding their way forward in a changing 8 00:00:37.729 --> 00:00:42.929 industry. Here's a taste of what you'll get each in every week in this 9 00:00:43.090 --> 00:00:52.719 show as we travel the road forward together. If you're coming into the industry 10 00:00:52.719 --> 00:00:56.439 as a new company, build your safety program now. Build it as if 11 00:00:56.479 --> 00:01:00.359 you're a hundred fifty trucks today, and and it's not that expensive. It 12 00:01:00.439 --> 00:01:03.909 doesn't take that much to build that program you're looking at maybe a twelve to 13 00:01:04.069 --> 00:01:11.069 fourteen thousand dollar your investment to develop some of these policies, developed these these 14 00:01:11.150 --> 00:01:15.109 programs, develop some safety management processes that will help guiding direct your drivers to 15 00:01:15.189 --> 00:01:19.859 be safe drivers on the roadway. And now you've provided them with some stability, 16 00:01:21.219 --> 00:01:25.420 some long term employment where they don't have to worry about coming in and 17 00:01:25.540 --> 00:01:30.060 being pushed to do something unsafe or do something that they wouldn't want to do. 18 00:01:30.340 --> 00:01:33.730 You're going to retain those drivers and in long you know, long term 19 00:01:33.890 --> 00:01:36.769 it's going to make you more reputable in the industry because you're not going to 20 00:01:36.849 --> 00:01:40.609 have a driver shortage. Drivers are drawn to safe programs. It'll make you 21 00:01:40.689 --> 00:01:44.689 more dependable, you can carry more loads, you can accept more loads, 22 00:01:44.890 --> 00:01:49.359 which makes you more profitable in the long run. Safety programs that are properly 23 00:01:49.400 --> 00:01:55.400 managed mean dollar signs. The investment does result in profit. You've been listening 24 00:01:55.480 --> 00:02:00.280 to the road forward, the show for trucking industry that's like you. If 25 00:02:00.319 --> 00:02:02.310 you want to hear from other business owners who've seen trends come and go, 26 00:02:02.590 --> 00:02:07.229 all the while building lasting businesses that keep America running, make sure you're subscribed 27 00:02:07.270 --> 00:02:10.669 to catch more episodes. To easily find the show in your favorite podcast player, 28 00:02:10.830 --> 00:02:15.590 go to the road forward podcastcom. Until next time, keep your eyes 29 00:02:15.629 --> 00:02:15.460 on the road forward.